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Lighten Up Iowa


Join the Southern Prairie YMCA and Greater Community Hospital in Lighten Up Iowa's Second year.

What is Lighten Up Iowa?

Lighten Up Iowa is a five-month competition (1/5/04-6/04/04) that encourages Iowans to develop healthy activity and eating habits.  Iowans are encouraged to form teams (two to ten people) and then go the distance!

Team competition will recognize achievement in two areas:

  • Weight loss due to healthy, appropriate diet and physical activity
  • Accumulated activity in the form of miles (conversion chart included)

The top three teams in each category officially will be recognized at the 2004 Summer Iowa Games and be presented awards for their achievement.

Kick Off Meeting

The Kick Off Meeting and Wellness Assessment will be at the YMCA on January 12, 2004 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

*Check Out These Monthly Themes*

January: Kick Off Month
February: Nutrition Month
March: Land Fitness Month
April: Aquatics Month
May: Healthy Lifestyles Month
June: Celebration Month

Southern Prairie YMCA (641) 782-9622